An Easy 5-Step Skincare Routine for Beginners (With Product Recommendations!)

Getting crystal clear skin isn’t all that difficult. All you need are the right products for your skin, a helpful guide that teaches you the basics, and also commitment to your skincare regime.

Luckily for you, this article has it all – a range of premium skincare products that are geared towards giving users clear and supple skin, as well as a helpful guide explaining the importance of each step.

Get clearer skin and unveil a cleaner face by following the steps we’ve prescribed below.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step involves removing the dirt accumulated during the day. Cleansing is fundamental in skincare as it removes sebum, grime and dead skin cells from your face which could lead to a variety of skincare issues such as pimples, blackheads and wrinkles. It’s important to cleanse at least twice a day to ensure that you thoroughly remove the harmless elements that could worsen your skin condition. Furthermore, cleansing regularly also reduces bacteria build-up.

For this step, we recommend a dynamic duo: the ReFa CREAM WASH and CLEAR.

The ReFa CREAM WASH has a rich foam texture which penetrates deep into the skin to remove dirt and grime and hinders the development of bacteria and inflammation. It uses quasi-drug ingredients that are gentle on the skin and promote brightness and smoothness. Use the ReFa CLEAR at least twice a day.



To enhance the effectiveness of ReFa Beauty’s CREAM WASH, try using it with the ReFa CLEAR. The ReFa CLEAR has earned colossal popularity for its innovative 3D Sonic Ion Technology which deeply cleanses the skin. It is gentle, but effective. Designed to fit snuggly in any user’s hand, the intricate combination of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and skincare technology gives users a one-of-a-kind cleansing experience.

Step 2: Prep

The second step in the routine involves prepping your skin to fully absorb the nutrients of your regime. The ReFa EXPRESSION BOOSTER SERUM is formulated to be the first step of all skincare routines as it works to create a moisture pathway between the closing gaps of cells, unfortunately caused by aging. In addition, its Marjoram Extract concentration sends a boost of hydration to the horny cell layer, keeping skin smooth and soft.

Step 3: Tone

A toner nourishes the skin and helps to restore the pH balance for suppler and softer skin. Toners also refresh the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. They moisturize your skin and boost hydration without any sticky residual feeling. Furthermore, toners like the ReFa EXPRESSION RISING LOTION contain Juniper Extract to give your complexion an added boost by draining away excess and unwanted water retention!

Step 4: Prime

Now, you may be thinking – is serum really necessary? It absolutely is! And we’ll tell you why.

If you have aged and wrinkly skin, then it is critical that you do not skip essence. Serum is a concentrated liquid containing materials which target fine lines, dull skin, and wrinkles. It restores your skin’s vitality by boosting your natural renewal process so that you can have young and bouncy skin all day.

Face serums are like light-weight moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated and soft. They reduce the illusion of enlarged pores and enhances hydration for smoother and brighter skin.


For this step, we recommend the ReFa EXPRESSION PLATINUM SERUM. This light-weight serum packs a punch and gets absorbed into the skin really fast. Best of all, only a few drops are required! This serum contains Botox-like, Neuron X to keep the surface of our skin soft and Himalayan raspberry to boost hydration.

Step 5: Hydrate

Last but not least, the final step involves locking in all moisture and hydration. Moisturizers protect your skin from harmful substances in the air and also retain water at the epidermis of your skin. They mask imperfections and treat dry and flaky skin.

Try the ReFa EXPRESSION GLOSSY CREAM. Developed to give users plumper and suppler skin, this moisturizer contains plant extract like clary sage, neroli and triplex collagen to keep the skin firm and hydrated during the day.