The Ultimate Guide to Mimetic Muscles

Do you know what your mimetic muscles are? Or where they are even located?

If you don’t – then you definitely have to continue reading this article.

The idea of “mimetic muscles” might be completely alien to some as the term itself is uncommon. Still, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about what they are used for. In fact, learning how to care for your mimetic muscles could also help you attain younger and softer looking skin!

Interested yet? Read on to discover more about what your mimetic muscles are and why it is crucial for you to care for them.

What are Mimetic Muscles?

Luckily, it doesn’t take a biologist to understand what the term “mimetic muscles” refers to.

In a nutshell, your mimetic muscles consist of a group of facial muscles in your skin. They are the muscles which are responsible for controlling your facial expression – this could range from the movement of your eyelids, raising your eyebrows and curving of the lips. In contrast to other skeletal muscles in your body, your mimetic muscles are tightly attached to the other facial muscles as well as the skin on your face.

However, like other muscle groups in your body. Exercising and tending to your mimetic muscles is crucial for your aesthetic and physical health. In fact, starting early and working out your mimetic muscles could help you prevent future skin issues!

Why Do You Need to Care for Your Mimetic Muscles?

Why Do You Need to Care for Your Mimetic Muscles?

Still not convinced about managing your mimetic muscles? Here are 2 tantamount reasons why you ought to start tending to them now.

1. Reduce Facial Tension

If you have ever had any itchiness or tightness on your face – that is probably facial tension caused by tightness in your mimetic muscles. Without treating the tightness in your face, the facial tension could become chronic. Furthermore, facial tension could even lead to other chronic pains like headaches, shoulder pain and neck soreness.

Luckily, reducing facial tension is easy – a simple face massage with adequate pressure is enough to get the blood circulating and tightness reduced. Simply use a beauty roller or your knuckles to gently massage your face.



A useful one you could invest in is the ReFa CAXA RAY. This futuristic beauty roller uses state-of-the-art scooping and kneading technology to relieve tension and tightness in your mimetic muscles that might be causing facial tension. In addition, the Release Lift feature of the CAXA RAY also enhances the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) fascia muscles to give users more lifted and tighter skin. If you experience facial tension on a regular basis, try to give yourself a facial massage every day.

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2. Get Firmer Skin

Secondly, strengthening your mimetic muscles could also help you attain firmer skin and prevent signs of premature ageing such as saggy skin, crow’s feet, dark undereye rings, fine lines and wrinkles. By strengthening the mimetic muscles, you could actually enhance their ability to control sagginess and loose skin. In the long term, tending to your mimetic muscles could help you prevent your skin’s youth and natural glow.

Here’s a tip to get firmer skin – try doing facial yoga. It sounds weird, but it works! We have a few exercises that are useful in strengthening your mimetic muscles to get firmer skin.

To reduce fine lines at the forehead and crow’s feet, try widening your eyes to expose the whites as much as possible and hold that expression until your eyes start to feel uncomfortable. Next, strengthen your cheek muscles by puffing your cheeks and releasing the air. Do this several times. It’s that simple!