Is Eye Cream really necessary? We’ve debunked One of the Biggest Skincare Myths

Are you guilty of skipping eye cream in your daily skincare routine?

The importance of eye cream for skincare has been a hotly debated issue in beauty and skincare. This was due to users’ dissatisfaction with the slow and subtle effects of eye cream or its inability to ‘stop’ the development of wrinkles completely. Thus, some people forgo eye cream altogether.

Sadly, the idea that eye cream is useless is a false notion. In fact, eye cream, if applied properly and regularly, can make your skin younger and more radiant. Though the effects are not immediate, daily application of eye cream reaps numerous long-term benefits.

On the other hand, one must note that ageing is an inevitable process. Everyone’s skin will show signs of ageing eventually. The idea that eye cream can reverse ageing is a red herring which has made people doubt its importance. Eye cream does not reverse ageing – but instead, it repairs and firms up saggy skin around the eyes. Alone, eye cream only has limited effectiveness. To combat wrinkles and puffy eyes, one should also undertake preventive measures such as using sun protection regularly and getting enough rest at night.

In a nutshell, eye cream does not stop your skin’s clock. It hastens fine lines and saggy skin to reduce the illusion of ‘puffy’ eyes.


3 Reasons why you Should use Eye Cream

Now that we’ve debunked the myth that eye cream is a useless skincare product, we’ll introduce 3 reasons why eye cream is vital for your skin health.  

Improves Blood Circulation

Dark undereye circles or Panda eyes are caused by poor blood circulation. To combat them, give yourself an eye massage in a circular motion around your eyes using an eye cream to improve the blood circulation around your eyes.

Make sure that you massage your face as gently as possible and avoid tugging the skin around your eyes.

Boosts Hydration

According to AnnMarie, the areas under our eyes fail to attain sufficient moisture because they have relatively fewer oil glands. Thus, an eye cream could add more moisture to the areas around your eyes for smoother and softer skin.

Firms Skin

Ah, the ultimate skin concern – saggy and aged skin. Thankfully, eye cream, if applied regularly could hasten fine lines and saggy skin that give the illusion of eye bags. It is also gentle on the skin. While eye cream does not stop ageing altogether, it reduces the severity and depth of the fine lines such that they look less visible over time.

Now are you convinced? Here’s an Eye Cream you could add to your Skincare Routine

Eye cream


The best eye creams promote blood circulation and firm saggy skin. If you’re looking for a new eye cream to add to your skincare routine, try ReFa EXPRESSION EYE VEIL CREAM. This special eye cream tightens saggy skin and smoothens out fine lines by targeting the horny cell layer. In fact, it is also lightweight but highly effective at moisturizing the areas around your eyes. Read more about the ReFa expression EYE VEIL CREAM here.