3 Convenient Tools to Reduce Bloat and Puffiness Before a Big Party

The holidays are quickly approaching – which means it is imperative for you to look your best amidst the festive parties and holiday food and drinks. Whether you’ve been lacking sleep lately from partying too hard or stressing out from party-prep, looking your best is critical!

Fortunately, there are beauty tools which offer quick and easy methods for you can reduce puffiness and get brighter and smoother-looking skin before your next gathering. 100% safe and effective, these beauty tools are convenient ways to reduce bloat before a big party. We’ve narrowed down 3 of the most effective and effortless beauty tools to get rid of face bloating, redness, and puffiness. Look wide awake and fresher when you try these quick fixes.


First in our list of beauty tools is the ReFa CARAT RAY. This tool is a beauty roller geared towards anti-ageing and anti-inflammation. Created by ReFa, this beauty roller uses a deep kneading motion to give your skin a massage-like treatment.

With a pair of top-notched Double Drainage Rollers that replicate an aesthetician’s massage, it grips and glide gently on the skin. The ReFa CARAT RAY tightens the skin using microcurrent technology by promoting circulation to boost your skin’s natural glow and improve the suppleness of your skin. Using top-tier platinum, all ReFa rollers are gentle and delicate even on the most sensitive skin.

Waterproof and designed to fit perfectly in your hand, massage your cheeks and sides of your face to get firmer and tighter skin that accentuates your chin. Simply do this before applying makeup to reduce face bloat before a big party.

If you’ve been feeling stressed and burned out from attending too many festive parties, this beauty roller will rejuvenate your mind and help you relax.


Second, this beauty roller is excellent for people who are lacking sleep and have developed eye bags that make you look tired and overworked. The ReFa S CARAT RAY gives users a precise and gentle kneading sensation to enhance your skin’s natural radiance. In comparison to the aforementioned beauty roller, the ReFa S CARAT RAY gives a relatively more precise and accurate treatment using smaller double drainage rollers.

Mimicking the effects of a “Point Kneading” massage and latest developments in skincare technology, this beauty roller kneads the skin to boost circulation for tighter, firmer and brighter skin. This beauty roller has a push-point tip to put gentle but effective pressure in a more precise manner in the problematic areas of the face like saggy skin under the eyes.

Created especially for eyebags and crow’s feet, the ReFa S Carat Ray is a must-have for anyone who is overworked and lacking sleep. Simply massage the areas around your eyes regularly or before a big event to look fresher and readier to party the night away.


Finally, this beauty roller uses Release Lift, which is a unique dual-motion technique involving scooping and kneading mechanisms, to accentuate key facial features like your cheekbones and chin. The ReFa CAXA RAY enhances facial features to give you a slimmer and sharper-looking face. It highlights your facial contours and gives you the illusion of younger and firmer skin.

ReFa unique seagull and crescent-lined tool were developed to give you the most precise and effective dual-motion to sculpt your best face. The perfectly-angled CAXA lines offer gentle and accurate kneading and scooping techniques to enhance your skin’s natural suppleness and radiance.

Use the ReFa CAXA RAY the night before a big event to get a firmer and sharper looking face!