2 Travel-Friendly Beauty Products to Keep your Skin Fresh and Young on the Road

Maintaining perfect skin while you are on the road can be difficult especially when you’re not accustomed to the climatic conditions of the foreign lands.

To help you preserve your skin’s health, we have narrowed down 2 of the best and most convenient products that are effective for safeguarding your skin’s natural glow and suppleness.

We believe handy and user-friendly beauty rollers from ReFa Beauty are the way to go as far as convenience and effective beauty treatments are concerned. These rollers target and improve lymphatic circulation to enhance detox and water retention relief. Waterproof, mobile and designed to fit perfectly into your hand, ReFa Beauty rollers are easy and practical beauty tools you can bring anywhere and use anytime.

Read on to find out more about the best ReFa Beauty rollers for travelling!


Getting enough sleep on the move is nearly impossible. Resultantly, many travellers and backpackers face the issue of saggy skin and eye bags.

Luckily for you, ReFa S CARAT RAY can transform your skin and unveil a younger and fresher face even after days of travelling and insufficient sleep. The ReFa S CARAT RAY is a beauty roller which uses microcurrent technology and “point kneading” massage techniques to boost circulation and tighten saggy skin around the eyes and mouth. The double drainage rollers offer a gentle but effective face massage that can be done even in the bathtub for a gentle massage after a long day on the road. The roller also has a platinum coating – gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitised skin, the ReFa S CARAT RAY makes perfect skin achievable even while you are on the move.

Developed specifically to target eye bags, crows’ feet and wrinkles around the mouth, the ReFa S CARAT RAY is extremely handy and easy to use. Pack this handy tool in your luggage for your next getaway to attain healthier and firmer skin!


Cleansing can be a chore especially when you are tired from travelling, that’s where ReFa CLEAR comes in. This beauty cleanser uses a gentle but effective 3D sonic ion technology to clean grime and impurities as well as remove dirt from clogged pores by penetrating deep into the skin.

Offering an outstanding cleansing experience, this cleansing brush uses tapered and various levels of bristle tips to cleanse and target uneven and bumpy skin as well as cushion waves for a gentle but comprehensive cleanse. It features 3 modes from a gentle daily cleanse to weekly exfoliation allowing it to deeply cleanses the skin gently and work well even on sensitive and acne-prone skin. The soft 3D elliptic motion removes dirt without being too harsh & strenuous on the skin to restore your skin’s natural suppleness and radiance. Furthermore, the ultrafine bristles penetrate deep into the skin to remove even the tiniest specs of dirt.

Completely waterproof, sleek and lightweight, ReFa CLEAR is a must-have when you travel. Simply use it after a long day travelling before you sleep. You can enjoy beautiful and smooth skin even when you are on the move!