3 Simple Steps To Achieve Glowy Skin

Photo Credit:  A Johnson Flickr via Compfight cc

If you have not incorporated exfoliation into your beauty routine, now might just be the time. This magical DIY treatment brightens your complexion, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth by sweeping dead skin cells away – gently and effectively. This allows for quicker cell turnover so new and healthy skin is left on the surface.

Exfoliation is especially great for individuals living in metropolitan areas as pollution can result in a build-up of grime and dirt in our pores, leaving skin with a duller appearance. Such methods work great for mature complexions as skin cell turnover and shedding slows in effectiveness as we age.

The best thing about exfoliation is its effectiveness and how easily it can be incorporated into our everyday routine. Here are three simple steps to take to achieve rejuvenated complexion:

1. Cleanse

Yes, you already do this – but did you know this counts as step 1 of your exfoliating regime? We recommend using an oil cleanser first to remove any make-up before rinsing with your usual facial cleanser and warm water.


2. Exfoliate

When your face is fresh, clean and dry, it’s time to tackle those impurities! All you need to do is take a lotion formulated with exfoliating properties and glide it across the skin with a cotton pad.

Alternatively, give your skin a treat with ReFa CLEAR as it offers a truly deep cleanse. This innovative at-home treatment features a combination of the world's first 3D Sonic Ion Technology and specially crafted KUMANO brush, eliminating grime through gentle vibrating motions. Ions produced are guaranteed to even out your skin’s texture by extracting dirt hidden in pores.

The result? A fresh-faced finish that brings instant glow and radiance to the face.


3. Moisturise

Hydration is key to keeping your face fresh and plump. The exfoliation process just removed H2O from your skin’s surface so it’s now time to replenish it!

Opt for a richer moisturizer after exfoliation to give your skin that extra boost! The ReFa FACE-UP CREAM is perfect in such circumstances as nano ingredients present in the cream help speed up absorption, allowing your skin to drink up all that moisture! In addition, benefits are amplified when used in conjunction with the well-loved ReFa CARAT RAY as firming properties are enhanced.

Simply smooth ReFa FACE-UP CREAM all over your face, working upwards for the best results. Then, relax and let it soak in. Pop on some eye cream, too, and voila: your skin will look gorgeous.