Why Cleansing Your Face Is So Important

Lazy to go about your daily skincare regime? Think again!                                                         

Our daily lives expose our skin to harsh elements - especially those delicate areas around the eyes and face. While living a busy lifestyle, it's easy to neglect your beauty regime in favour of making excuses. But can you afford to be 'too busy' to look after your skin? We don't think so. Lets take a look at why cleansing and looking after your face is so important, and the best products to help you achieve stunning skin.


Why you should cleanse your face daily

During the day, your face is exposed to numerous stressors, such as:

- UV exposure

- Humidity or air conditioning which can dry out your skin

- Smoke and air pollution

- Bacteria and dirt

Combined, all of these factors lead to buildup of debris on your face - clogging your pores and causing spots! Without a proper cleansing routine, this dirt isn't going anywhere, and you won't get the best out of your cosmetics. Buildups of grime and sweat on your face dulls your complexion - and ages you.

Credit: Pixabay


When you should use a cleanser

The best times to use facial washes or cleansers are:

- After working out to remove sweat, dust and dirt from your pores

- Before putting your makeup on in the morning, to remove any sweat accumulation

- Just before bed, so your skin is clean and fresh for the night

- In the shower, when your pores are open so you get the most benefit

You don't need to use cleanser all the time - twice a day is best to avoid drying out your skin.


What you need in a cleansing product

A facial cleanser or wash should be two things - effective and kind to your skin. The best cleansers suit your skin type, such as oily, sensitive or dry. Cleansers which have removal qualities are great for those who wear heavy makeup, and those with the most sensitive skin should avoid perfumed products. If you like to work out, choose a cleanser which unclogs pores.