Why We Get Dullness and Bags Around Our Eyes

When you show up at office in the morning and colleagues notice bags under your eyes, they immediately jump to the conclusion that you have not had a good night’s rest. But we know that there’s more to the cause of those bags than an absence of restful sleep.


Effect of ageing on the structures around the eyes

Aging has been scientifically proven to be a major culprit. According to a study at the University of California, orbital fat builds up around the eyes as we age. You see, the eyes are precious organs and mother-nature provided protection in the form of fat deposits to guard against the impact of any blunt force. The downside? These fat deposits grow as we age.

In addition, collagen which keeps the skin of the eyelids taut, progressively degrades as we age. This skin loses elasticity and begins to wrinkle and sag as a result.

The muscles around the eyelids are not spared in this ageing process as well. They tend to weaken over time and lose their firmness, worsening the sagging. As the force of gravity weighs down on the eyelids and the amount of fat beneath it increases, puffiness around the eyes worsens and baggy lower eyelids become progressively inevitable. So, while it is fair to assume that lack of sleep contributes to the severity of under-eye bags, it is not the main cause.


Other contributing factors

For some of us, our genes are also to be blamed. You may have noticed family members developing under eye puffiness with age. If your parents developed puffiness around the eyes or under-eye bags as they grew older, chances are, you will too.

Furthermore, if you enjoy a more than adequate amount of salt in your food, you may be aggravating this problem. Excessive salt intake results in water retention, accentuating the droop.

Pollutants in the air can also irritate the eyes, causing tissue around the eyes to become swollen and worsen the situation.


Dark circles around the eyes

Dark circles around the eyes appear when there is excessive pigmentation around the eye area. The skin is thin around this area and pigment easily shows through as the ageing skin sags, throwing a dark shadow under the eyes.


What can you do about them?

Under-eye bags can be remedied by surgically removing or re-positioning fat that created the bags, but this may not restore the firmness of the muscles. Revolutionary gadgets like ReFa S CARAT RAY can address the weakened muscles, create a firmer skin and enhance facial appearance.