3 Surprising Factors That Cause Water Retention and 3 Ways to Deal with It

Water Retention – it is the phenomenon where you experience bloat all over your body and face because of excess fluids in your circulatory system. It could be encompassed in a puffy face and swollen feet.

However, there are numerous factors which lead to water retention besides drinking excess water. Here are 3 of the most common reasons behind water retention (pssst… read on for some tips on how to deal with it).


What Leads to Water Retention?


1. Excess Salt and Sodium

Do you love Potato Chips and Instant Noodles?

These guilty pleasures are not only fattening but also lead to bloating and puffy faces. Salt and sodium absorb water and fluids when digested. While they can satiate your appetite, these substances could also put pressure on your capillaries and arteries. Furthermore, they lead to breakouts and blackheads.

2. Sitting for Too Long

If you are a couch potato or you are at your computer all day, your lazy habits might be one major cause of water retention and bloat. By sitting for extended periods of time, you could actually be slowing down your blood flood throughout the body. This could lead to a swollen back and hip as well as bloat in your tummy if you are stationary after having a hearty meal.

3. Hormones

All ladies should be able to relate to this – have you ever felt really bloated during your time of the month?

Some ladies have it worst – they have breakouts when their time of the month is approaching. Hormonal changes could affect the way in which your body hangs on to fluids. Unfortunately, it could also lead to cramps and impulsive binging.


How to Deal with Water Retention

Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down 3 easy ways you can manage water retention.



Eat Clean

Avoid processed foods that are loaded in sodium and salt. Instead, swap those potato chips and candies for peanut butter and fruit. Loaded with calcium, fibre and protein, these healthier swaps could improve your complexion and give you brighter and more glowing skin. Furthermore, they could also help your body flush out the toxins that are causing water retention.

Allocate Time for Exercise

Exercise boosts blood circulation, helps you shed calories, and also helps you sweat out excess fluids. When you get your heart pumping and your muscles working, you ensure oxygen and nutrients are thoroughly distributed all over your body. Furthermore, you also burn off the food and snacks you had prior to your workout.


Finally, a relaxing and revitalizing massage could make the biggest difference for bloat and water retention. A simple massage could improve blood circulation – in the long term, it could also slow ageing and give you brighter and firmer skin.

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