Christmas season is approaching once again, and it’s time to start shopping for Christmas gifts or to pamper yourself. 

Luckily for you, there is no need to start Googling frantically for great Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones when you can use our gifting guide. We have compiled a list of best gifts to pamper the amazing person in your life for being such strong pillars of support. Each gift showcases your sincerity and utmost respect for the recipient. It also reminds them of the joys and blessings in friendship and family.

Tis’ the season of giving – so start browsing our gift guide now!

Gift Under S$100

ReFa HEART BRUSH (Now at S$35)

Created specifically to care for and uplift your hair. Here are some things about the brush that we just absolutely LOVE:

♥️Easy-to-grip heart shape reduces burden on your hair

♥️Round bristles tip help stimulate the scalp comfortably

♥️Detangle and polish your hair at the same time, putting a shiny, silky-smoothing look on your hair.

♥️Comes with a cover that prevents the bristles from breaking

♥️Small and portable to carry everywhere you go

This highly functional yet adorable gift will definitely put a smile on their faces. 


Best Seller Gift for Rejuvenated appearance

ReFa Face Lifting Set (Now at S$399, U.P $680)

ReFa’s best-selling duo, Face Lifting Set, consists of the ReFa CARAT RAY and ReFa S CARAT RAY. Using a deep kneading motion that lifts the skin and gives its user the ultimate revitalizing massage, the Face Lifting Set is the greatest present you can gift to your loved ones this Christmas. These rollers are designed to fit snuggly in your hand and replicate a “kneading” motion on your face using futuristic double drainage rollers and are developed to tighten the skin using gentle yet effective microcurrents. Furthermore, the rollers are coated with platinum coating which are suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. While ReFa CARAT RAY works for the face and body, the ReFa S CARAT RAY has the same kneading motion in a small shape and push point tip, to provide targeted care for the eyes and lips area.

Help your loved one unveil his/her beautiful and healthy skin using the ReFa Face Lifting Set!

Luxurious Spa-like Experience Gifting


Your loved ones deserve a luxurious shower experience with delicate spray to make your skin feel great. Developed using Fine Bubble technology to give an invigorating, deep cleansing to help unclog your pores and purify your skin! With luxurious 68 million micro and fine bubbles caressing your skin, everyday turns into a spa day. 

The ReFa Fine Bubble S comes with four different spray patterns (mist, rain, jet and powerful rain) that you can adjust to suit your needs for the day.

Award Winning Gift Set

ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE Set (Now at S$499, U.P S$570)

The award winning LED Light Therapy Device is the perfect gift to reward your loved ones. Whether you are the older or younger of the two, this device makes an excellent gift. ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE targets the surface down to the deeper layers of the skin with it’s Skin Nurturing Program. The first step to prep the skin - 1 minute cleanse with Clean Mode (Ion Cleansing vibrations to gently remove impurities from the pores) and 1 minute on MC Mode (to fill the skin with microcurrents for tightening and toning), nurture the skin with ReFa’s exclusive RF-Wpulse technology, 3 minutes to activate the skin, to create a firm, moisturized and brighter skin appearance. 

With just 5 minutes per session, 2-3 times a week, the three-step Skin Nurturing Program for BEAUTECH RAISE helps to protect the skin from the visible effects of environmental stressors and aging. 

Clean, repair and firm your skin with ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE. The sets come with C.P Serum to help achieve more lifted, elastic and glowing skin.