Refresh your skin with every cleanse to reveal your natural beauty

Powered by the world's first 3D Sonic lon technology, the Refa CLEAR thoroughly removes impurities that couldn't be reached until now. Gently gliding the Refa CLEAR along the surface of your skin is enough to wash away dirt and grime from the pores without stripping or drying out your face.

Pleasant to the touch, its streamlined body is ergonomically designed to make the act of cleansing your face an elegant and soothing experience.

Worlds first 3D Sonic lon technology

Pioneered by MTG, 3D Sonic lon technology combines a uniquely comfortable washing experience with outstanding cleansing power. Unlike hand washing, 3D Sonic on cleansing moves dirt and grime from the skins surface as well as impurities embedded deep within the pores.

3D Sonic Motion

The sonic vibrations oscillate 0.2 to 0.3 mm horizontally and 0.5 mm vertically to effectively wash away dirt and grime from the fine ridges of the skin as well as the pores.

lon Cleansing

Daily lon Cleansing brings dirt, grime and makeup residue that have accumulated in the pores to the surface of the skin where they are gently removed without causing any friction or skin damage. lon Cleansing also helps prevent the accumulation of impurities in the pores.

KUMANOFUDE provides a delightful sense of contact

The brush portion adopts KUMANOFUDE, which is brimming with Japanese traditional craftsmanship Handmade by craftsmen, the quality of the brush alone ensures gentle skin contact and outstanding functionality. The brush gently removes only impurities without burdening the skin.