When Using the Product

Follow the arrows/ indicators in the pictures.

The photos below are overlaid with the following arrows to show how and which direction to roll over and the mark to show where to push specific parts of your face for optimum results.
1.Roll in both directions
2.Gentle pushing.



Decolletage & Neck

1.  While pressing the roller in the hollow above your collarbone, roll to the right and left along your collarbone.

2. Roll up and down along the area below your collarbone and toward the side of your body.

3.  Roll up and down along the thickest nape at the side of your neck.


Contours of Face & Cheek


1. Roll up and down along the chin to the bottom of the ear.
2.  Roll along your cheekbones from the concerns of your mouth to below your ears.
3.  Roll from the below your cheek bone toward your temple.
4.  Roll up and down along the line parallel to your ear.
5.  Gently push the roller upward along your cheek.


When used over a Mask


The product can used over a mask that is rich with beauty ingredients. Roll from the center of your face outwards as f stretching out the wrinkles of the mask.


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