"This How to Use video can use for ReFa CARAT FACE & ReFa CARAT RAY FACE"

Rolling Method

The strength in which the roller pulls up your skin can be adjusted by changing the angle at which you hold the handle

Tips on Rolling 

Roll in the direction indicated by the arrows and increase or decrease pressure in accordance with the thickness of the lines

The photos below are overlaid with the following arrows to show how and .which direction to roll over specific parts of your body for optimum results

1. Roll in both directions
2. Use more forces as you roll from the narrow to the wider end.


Decolletage & Neck

Roll up and down between your collarbone and your chest.

Hold your ReFa upside down and roll in big movements up and down from below your ear o your shoulder.



1. Roll back and forth along your jaw line 

2. Roll along your cheekbones from the corners of your mouth to in front of your ears

3. Roll up and down in front of your ear, so as to clearly define your facial line.

4. Roll up and down between the corner of your mouth and the sde of your nose. Be careful and gentle in doing so.

5. Roll gently under your eyes with just one roller.

6. Close your eyes and stretch your forehead, rolling it slowly toward to the top of your head.



Roll up and down from your temple to the top of your head.
*Make sure your hair does not get caught in the device

Roll up and down and back and forth on the back of your head.
*Make sure your hair does not get caught in the device