Do these Instagram beauty hacks really work?

Do these Instagram beauty hacks really work?

Image by Lightstargod on Pixabay

When you see beauty hacks on social media, sometimes it’s hard to tell if they work. Are they just a gimmick dreamed up by a beauty blogger to get more views on her or his Instagram page? Or are they the real deal? The only way is to test them out – so here are our verdicts.


Egg DIY Instagram face mask

This DIY face mask promises a simple skincare solution for large pores using just an egg and some toilet paper. You have to break up the paper into individual sheets, then separate the yolk from the egg white. Take the egg white and brush it onto toilet paper and against your face until it sticks. This then peels off after 15 minutes of shrinking your pores.

Verdict: It definitely tightens the skin and peels off easily. However, it’s difficult and time-consuming to apply. There isn’t a visible difference in pores with one application. You have to consistently use this cumbersome mask to achieve results.


Using balloons to apply foundation

Blending out foundation with balloons seems pretty crazy, but there are actually two different Instagram beauty hacks which use balloons. The first is to blend with a balloon filled with flour, and the second is to blend with a balloon filled with moisturising lotion.

Verdict: Both are difficult to use in small areas like the nose, and the flour in particular is harsh on dry skin. They don’t blend as well as a sponge, though they do create a smooth finish on some areas like the jawline and chin.


Baby powder as a setting powder

This beauty hack encourages you to apply baby powder over your concealer to set it. This should reduce whiteness and set the concealer into place. The ultimate test: use a camera with flash to take a photograph and see whether there is any glare coming from your concealer.

Verdict: It works – but you shouldn’t try this at home. Baby powder is not recommended for use near the eyes, and should not be inhaled.


DIY coffee facial scrub

Take coconut oil and coffee grounds and mix them together, and what do you get? Instagram says a DIY antioxidant facial and body scrub that acts as a natural exfoliant. After heating them up and mixing together, they smooth onto the face and can be rubbed around.

Verdict: It does not look pretty, but it does work very well.


It seems that the general rule is to take Instagram beauty tips with a pinch of salt. They do not always work, and when they do, they aren’t as good as the real thing and they are often a hassle to clean-up. In some cases, they can even irritate your skin! If you want to play it safe with your precious skin, and avoid the mess of DIY beauty hacks, stick to the proven products that you know your skin will love.