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Wake up with a sophisticated silhouette through the Release Lift method.

With its combination of micro-rollers and CAXA lines designed to scoop and knead your face, neck, hips waist, bust and thighs from every angle. This waterproof, platinum-coated contouring tool helps visibly reduce puffiness and distortion of the SMAS fascia for more defined contours.

For use on the face, neck, hips waist, bust & thighs.

Streamline vour elegant contours

Help visibly contour your face and body with our unique Release Lift method of scooping and kneadling.

The Refa 4 CAXA RAY scoops and kneads the flesh anywhere on your body with a complex professional esthetic method called Release Lift*.

This breakthrough proprietary technology from Refa not only targets the skin, but the fascia and muscles underneath it.

Use the Refa 4 CAXA RAY on your face and body for a more streamlined and radiant appearance.

*Release Lift is an original technique specific to the ReFa 4 CAXA RAY.


Designed to fit every contour of the face and body

The ReFa 4 CAXA RAY's Crescent Line and Quatro Drainage rollers were precisely engineered according to 3D facial structure and aIthough the thickness of the skin varies between the face and various body parts, ReFa 4 CAXA RAY is designed to perfectly fit every contour of the face and body.

The Refa 4 CAXA RAY is designed to perfectly fit every contour of the face and body.

A precision engineered line provides a perfect scooping motion for wider surfaces of the skin.

The inner edge of the ReFa 4 CAXA RAY is the Crescent Line which is the perfect length and width for applying deep pressure to wider surfaces of the skin. By replicating the friction technigue of estheticians, its scooping motion is designed to grip the skin from a wide angle to target the fascia and muscles throughout the body.

The four Quatro Drainage rollers of the ReFa 4 CAXA RAY are perfectly arranged to replicate effective kneading technique possible. The outer rollers pull in the thicker skin of the body while the inner rollers provide a gentle kneading to the face and body alike.


Product Name:
97mm x 168mm x 24mm
Approx. 180g
Included Items:
Instruction Manual, Warranty Certificate, Guidebook, Pouch, Cleansing Cloth
ABS, PET, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Silicone Rubber, Platinum
CAXA series


Application Areas of ReFa 4 CAXA RAY

Target areas for Release Lift

The Refa 4 CAXA RAY'S Release Lift* esthetic method can be applied to the entire body with maximum comfort and ease your face, bust, upper arms, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, and more.

Its scooping and kneading action helps you visibly achieve sharp contours and a gorgeous silhouette.

*Release Lift is an original technique specific to the ReFa 4 CAXA RAY.






Push the top and bottom of the clavicle using the rollers.











Place the crescent line along the neck and move rom the bottom of the ear towards the shoulder.











Apply the crescent line tightly to your entire cheek, moving from the corner of the mouth towards the front of the ear.













Roll the rollers from the upper to the lower part of the neck.












Roll the rollers over the entire cheek towards the side of your ear.












Roll the rollers to lift the cheek upward in short mincing strokes

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