A home anti-ageing treatment to eliminate wrinkles and reverse ageing skin issues. Tested and proven!

While everyone hates them, they are an inevitable part of ageing. Wrinkles make you look old and tired. Free radical damage, SPF damage from the burning Singapore sun, and tugging of the skin could also cause them to develop prematurely and make you look years older than your age. Unfortunately, there is no treatment to get rid of wrinkles completely. On the other hand, ReFa might have a quick and portable solution for you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark eye circles around your eyes and fine lines on your face. That’s right – we have solutions you could do anytime and anywhere you want.

Our dynamic and experienced team of experts have developed futuristic skincare devices to unveil younger and brighter skin!

ReFa invests in state-of-the-art technology and research to develop skin rollers, and skincare to reduce signs of ageing such as dark undereye circles, wrinkles, and eyebags. A full skincare line is developed to revolutionize skincare regimes and how you treat your skin in which, each ReFa skin care product guarantees results and convenience at the maximum efficiency by using the newest technologies developed from intense research and development in skincare and health.

The best-selling ReFa BOOSTER SERUM and ReFa RISING LOTION power duo, creates a pathway between skin cells and sets a strong foundation for nutrients and vitamins to penetrate skin easily. On top of that, using botanical plant extracts, it intensely hydrates skin and rectifies common skincare issues such as acne or pigmentation. And of course, being known in the beauty industry for its power lifting function, the ReFa skincare line compliments all ReFa beauty rollers by prolonging the lifting ad firming effects on our skin.


Out of all skincare, why ReFa EXPRESSION skincare line?

Not only are our devices extremely convenient and portable. They also use the latest skincare technology and seek to address growing skincare concerns. Our team in Singapore provides our customers with the best quality products to unveil a younger and brighter face at any age.

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We recognize the root cause of sagging and loose skin structure and developed the ReFa EXPRESSION skincare line with the latest beauty technology to target our mimetic facial muscles. Not only does this revolutionary skincare line restore skin structure back to its original, youthful state, it also addresses skin concerns efficiently. Our team in Singapore provides our customers with the best quality products, suitable for any age, any day, any time.

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