How to get a V face Shape with Refa Skincare Devices

If you’ve always envied K-Pop idols and Korean drama actresses like Sandara Park and Song Hye Kyo for their slim V shape faces, ReFa has a quick and easy solution for you to get that slim face and sharp chin.

The answer to your demands lies in our face rollers. Built with top quality double drainage rollers using microcurrent technology, our face rollers will slim your face down in no time with absolutely no strenuous effort!

Using its signature Double Drainage rollers, each ReFa beauty roller uses deep kneading massage motions to target lymphatic nodes to drain water and toxin retention which reduces puffiness. Additionally, fine lines, wrinkles or dark eye circle concerns are significantly reduced while mimetic muscles are lifted and tightened to eliminate double-chins or sagging skin to give you a defined V-shape face contour without any crash dieting or invasive procedures.

Enhanced with Microcurrent Technology, collagen and elasticity in skin is elevated as circulation is boosted to reveal a radiant, supple appearance with glow

Guaranteeing a lifted and radiant appearance and defined V-shape face, each ReFa beauty rollers are lightweight and portable allowing users to use it at the comfort of their own homes. Its extensive range of face rollers in Singapore ensures a suitable fit for the different concerns of individuals to provide a relaxing luxurious experience for everyone. Rest assured as all rollers are protected with a one-year warranty, locally Singapore.

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Why choose ReFa?

Apart from having a knowledgeable and skilled team of experts, ReFa guarantees results with our products. We encourage our customers to follow a daily skincare routine that is sustainable so that they can attain clearer and brighter skin as well as that V shape face they have been eyeing.

We also value customer feedback and strive to offer the best web experience and customer service to all our customers. Feel free to contact us should you have any feedback and queries regarding our products and services.