Product Reviews of ReFa Carat Ray and our skincare devices

Since its inception, the ReFa skincare line and beauty rollers have been a hit in every household and a go-to to rectify puffiness and ageing skin. Especially the best-selling ReFa CARAT RAY in particular, has received multiple media coverage for its excellent quality and instant facial and body slimming results.

While the cost for each beauty roller might be on a higher end, our devices are a worth every penny because of their lifelong health benefits and their fast and non-invasive results. Still on a fence? Read our reviews below:

  • ReFa CLEAR – Review by Melissa Chew of Her World Singapore: Melissa Chew reviewed our cleansing device and claimed that the ReFa Clear “blew (her) away”.
  • ReFa CLEAR – Review by Claudia Tan of Shape Singapore: Claudia Tan of Shape Singapore claims that she’s officially become a “convert” because the ReFa Clear has revolutionized her daily cleansing routine.
  • ReFa CLEAR – Review by Digital Content Creator and previous Singapore Airline crew, Leanne Low Leanne describes how ReFa CLEAR has helped to clear and remove all impurities on the skin leaving it refreshed and cleansed.
  • ReFa CARAT RAY – Review by Andy Lee, esteemed Singapore celebrity make-up artist Andy Lee was wowed by the instant lifting effects of ReFa CARAT RAY
  • ReFa CARAT RAY – Review by Jessica Chan of SuperAdrianMe: Jessica Chan’s review of the ReFa Carat Ray outlines how it functions and praises the product for its convenienc
  • ReFa CARAT RAY – Review by Xinyi Soh of MyFatPocket: Xinyi Soh is a devoted user of the ReFa CARAT RAY. She praises how effective it is in giving her younger and softer skin.
  • ReFa CARAT RAY – Listed by Samantha Chua for its anti-ageing effects on Daily Vanity The ReFa CARAT RAY was listed as one of the 5 best anti-ageing products on Daily Vanity. She praised how the Carat Ray was able to define one’s facial contours.


Why do Reviews Matter to us?

Simply put, our team at ReFa believes in quality over quantity.

We strive to improve in any way we can as we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction over anything else. We hope to continue improving and growing as we continue to supply the most effective products to our customers.

Our team appreciates constructive criticism and positive feedback to help us improve our brand image and business model.

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