Crafted upon traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage, the ReFa RHYTHM* relieves stiffness in facial mimetic muscles while promoting circulation for lifted contours. This roller’s 50 evenly-spaced projections delivers soothing, rhythmic perpendicular stimulation deep into facial muscles to enhance skin health and glow.

*Roller only suitable for use on the face



Grip your chin and roll to the right and left in short motions.

Grip your chin and roll up along your jawline towards your ear.

Roll under the cheekbone toward the front of the ear. Push the circled area, pressing projections gently into skin. Continue rolling motion across the rest of the jaw and cheek area.

Close your eyes. Press along your hairline, relax and roll over the entire forehead in a zigzag pattern.

Microcurrent Technology

Mirrors the body’s bio-current, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance collagen production.

Japanese Craftsmanship

Each ReFa roller is crafted to be lightweight and offers ease of handling, showcasing product excellence associated with Japanese quality.

Motion Treatment

Designed with double drainage rollers to replicate ‘kneading’, helping to improve circulation, reduce water retention and detox the body

Luxury Experience

Each ReFa roller is intricately coated with brilliant bright platinum, making it suitable for delicate skin. Rollers are certified water resistant allowing users to use it in showers.

  • Made in Japan, platinum coated.
  • Waterproof: Water Proof
  • Suitable for use on: Face – Facial Lines, Cheek, Neck, Eyes, Head
  • Purpose: Facial Lifting, Improves Circulation, Detox
  • Weight: Approx. 152g
  • Materials: ABS, Brass, Acrylic, Silicone, Rubber, Elastomer, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Platinum (Pt)