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Skin Tightening Lifting Face Massage Rollers in Singapore

Always wanted a sharper chin, slimmer face or find wrinkles and dull skin tone getting in the way? Pamper yourself and achieve radiant, tighter skin with professional aesthetician technology daily from the comfort of your home!

ReFa beauty presents our Skin Lifting Face rollers!

Originating from Japan, ReFa’s gamechanging collection of face rollers was developed and perfected through years of R&D. Each roller’s streamlined form features a suitable grip to boost circulation and relief puffiness and toxin build-up through Microcurrent technology while enhancing skin elasticity and collagen levels.

Targeting lymphatic nodes, the Double Drainage rollers replicate an aesthetician’s kneading massage motions to lift and tighten loose skin areas, reducing fine lines and wrinkle appearances while eliminating dark circles or uneven skin tone.

Since launch, our award-winning ReFa beauty face rollers have garnered positive reviews such as Her World Singapore magazine for its non-invasive, instant face lifting and anti-ageing results that leaves a V-shape contour with radiance and glow. Click here to read their review.

Best of all, all face and body rollers are designed to be light-weight and portable enabling users to rectify skin concerns on-the-go with minimal efforts.

For a quick tutorial on how one of our highly-raved ReFa CARAT RAY eliminates wrinkles and lifts skin to brilliance, click here

Why Choose ReFa Beauty Face Roller?

Highly raved to achieve effective face slimming in Singapore, read any ReFa CARAT review and you’ll see the positive results from happy, satisfied customers. The ReFa CARAT RAY not only slims the face but also the body leaving your skin radiant, firm and your body slender and toned. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their aesthetic appearance and feel confident and beautiful in a non-invasive way.

Unveil a younger you with ReFa!