Rolling Method

The strength in which the rollers pull up your skin can be adjusted by changing the angle at which you hold the handle

<When Pushing the Rollers Forward>
Gradually raise the end of the handle to increase the pull of the rollers.
*Lower the handle if you begin to feel pain.
<When Drawing the Rollers Back>
Gradually lower the end of the handle to increase the pull of the rollers.
*Raise the handle is you begin to feel pain.

Rolling Tips

Refer to the arrows in the picture when rolling.

The photos below are overlaid with arrows to show how and which direction to roll over specific parts of your body for optimum results

1.Rolling back and forth
2.Gradually increase pressure as you roll from the narrow part of the arrows to the wide part
3.Lightly push the conical projections against your skin


Before Use

  • This product is intended for use on the face only. Do not use this product on any parts of the body other than those directed in the instructions in this manual. Doing so may result in internal bleeding, bruising or other injury.
  • Start by using the device gently for a short of time while observing the condition of your skin. If used with too much force or for too long a period of time, the conical projections on the rollers may cause internal bleeding, bruising or other injuries.
  • Please be sure to read the instruction manual before use.


1. Grip your chin and roll to the right and left in short motions

2. Grip your chin and roll up along your jawline towards your ear

3. Roll along the cheekbones up to the sides of the ears. Press the projections of the rollers into your cheekbones

4. Continue rolling along the rest of the jawline and the jaw area. Then press the parotid gland with one of the rollers

5. Press the rollers into the forehead just above the eyebrows

6. Close your eyes, relax and roll over your entire forehead in a zigzag pattern. Then apply pressure along your hairline


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