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How It Works


With Omnibeauty (United Beauty) as its mission, ReFa aims to continually transform the shape and form of beauty culture by combining both devices and cosmetics with bold, innovative ideas and expertly designed beauty technologies

Esthetician’s Touch

Replicating the efficacy of an esthetician’s kneading motions, the grip & glide actions of each Double Drainage roller rejuvenates the skin leaving it radiant and supple.

Microcurrent Technology

Through drawing in microcurrent via solar panel, each ReFa roller stimulates natural collagen and elastin production reducing wrinkles and fine lines while giving face a defined contour and ‘V’ shape.

Platinum Coating

ReFa’s rollers are coated in brilliantly bright platinum, making it water- resistant and compatible for even delicate skin.

Our Retail Locations

Takashimaya, Beauty Hall Level 1

Robinsons Raffles City, L1

Robinsons The Heeren, L1

TANGS Beauty Hall, L1

Reach us at contact@mtg-sg.com


May, 30's verified buyer

Love of my life

The ReFa CARAT RAY is the love of my life and the secret and look young! Right after the first use, I see immediate results where my skin is lifted with more radiance. Its so simple to use, I use it day and night at the start of my skincare routine!

Joey, 40's verified buyer

My best investment

Though it's on high price point, it's definitely my best investment as it helps to slim the shape of my face! Incredibly, it also reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on my face!

Pamela, 20's verified buyer

Sharpens my jawline

This works amazing for me! I've always had a concern on my jawline but the ReFa CARAT FACE immediately does wonders to it as it sharpens my jawline and chin. Even when I travel, my ReFa is the first thing I'll pack!