ReFa S CARAT RAY, a fine lines and dark circle remedy that actually works!

If those unsightly dark undereye bags or circles are annoying you, you’re not alone.

Dark undereye circles, or Panda eyes for short, are a common skincare issue many people face today. They are a result of insomnia, free radical damage, ageing, poor blood circulation and poor overall health. Unfortunately, dark circles are almost unavoidable. In fact, people have even gone under the knife to get rid of those panda eyes!

Here at ReFa, we have a full-proof solution that can help you eliminate those eye bags without any surgical procedures – our ReFa S CARAT RAY and EYE VEIL CREAM!

Featuring a push-point tip at the end of the handle, this remedy uses the latest technological developments in skincare. The crux of our anti-ageing devices is in the microcurrent technology and with a push-point tip, Microcurrent is delivered to delicate areas around the eyes and lip areas easily as it uses a low level of current to mirror the skin’s natural electric current to stimulate the production of natural collagen and promote blood circulation.

When used in combination with ReFa EYE VEIL CREAM, a specially formulated unique gel using botanical extracts, it compliments the rolling care with an added lifting and hydrating purpose leaving eyes brighten and rejuvenated.

When used around the eyes, not only will it reduce the effect of dark undereye circles, it also tightens the skin, eliminating fine line appearances, to make your appearance more rejuvenated and youthful. This remedy is a convenient and easy way to get younger looking skin and a brighter complexion.


Why use ReFa?

Our products do not involve any complex medical procedure – instead, they function on the microcurrent technology and mimic the body’s natural bio-current to boost blood circulation and natural collagen production. With regular use, you can effectively reduce the appearance of those dark circles with this remedy at home. Furthermore, all our products are coated with platinum to give you the ultimate luxurious experience.

At ReFa, we are constantly innovating, improving and learning and can’t wait to serve you!

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