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3 Key Reasons Why You need to Exfoliate and Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Cleansing and exfoliating should be done on a regular basis to improve the smoothness and natural radiance of your skin. They are key elements in a basic skincare routine that could help you thoroughly get rid of grime, dirt and residual makeup for a squeaky clean face. In doing so, your skin could also absorb […]

Physical vs Chemical Exfoliation: Which is Better? We’ll Break it Down for you!

If you have been skipping exfoliation, your skin might not be as clean or healthy as it could be. Exfoliation refers to the act of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It is a paramount part of a skincare routine as it smoothens the surface of your skin and eradicates the […]

Don’t be Fooled by Counterfeits! Here are 3 Ways to Detect Fake ReFa Beauty Rollers

Source These days, fake products are everywhere. Knockoff products may help you save a buck or two, but they could also be harmful to your skin and incur greater costs. You can buy inauthentic designer goods and skincare tools in both black markets and broad daylight. It’s easy to get scammed by retailers of inauthentic […]

An Effortless 5-Step Treatment to Pamper Your Skin Without Going to the Spa

Let’s face it – most of us can’t afford to go to the spa regularly. Luckily for you, you don’t need to spend extensive amounts of money on the spa – you can actually give your skin a real treat from the comfort of your own home. Even better, you don’t need to be a […]

4 Ways a Face Mask can Instantly Brighten your Complexion and Nourish your Skin

Face masks are very easy to use and extremely effective at brightening your complexion and hydrating your skin. Best of all, there’s a face mask out there for any skin type! Everyone should include a face mask in their weekly skincare routine. Even Top Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing uses face masks daily to achieve […]

4 Surprising Everyday Factors that cause your Skin to Lose its Elasticity

Everyone wants youthful skin that is supple, taut and glowing. You’ve probably heard of foods, creams and tools that can help boost your skin’s elasticity to give you a better complexion – but do you know what “skin elasticity” actually means? The idea of skin elasticity refers to the firmness of your skin – firm […]

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore your Neck in your Skincare Regime

It’s not just your face which needs some pampering, your neck could use some daily tender loving care as well. Believe it or not – caring for your neck could reap plenty of health and skincare benefits. However, it is prudent to start caring for your neck early before signs of age start to show. […]

4 Crucial Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Moisturizer

If you are guilty of skipping moisturizer, you’re in for a real shock. Even if you have very oily skin, a moisturizer is an absolute necessity. Regular hydration is vital for softer, smoother and brighter skin. Moisturizer helps your skin regenerate and keeps it hydrated even under harsh climatic conditions. Most moisturizers contain a combination […]

3 Ways a Healthy Lymphatic System Can Improve your Complexion

By now, you should know that your physical and mental health are important for your skin. But how important is it to have a healthy lymphatic system? The lymphatic system consists of a network of tissues and organs created from lymph vessels. Lymph nodes, on the other hand, are small bean-shaped tissue nodes that produce […]

3 Convenient Tools to Reduce Bloat and Puffiness Before a Big Party

The holidays are quickly approaching – which means it is imperative for you to look your best amidst the festive parties and holiday food and drinks. Whether you’ve been lacking sleep lately from partying too hard or stressing out from party-prep, looking your best is critical! Fortunately, there are beauty tools which offer quick and […]