Botox: 2 Interesting Reasons Why People Love it

The word “Botox” might not be alien to you.

Many people swear by Botox for its anti-aging effects which have helped many users eliminate the illusion of wrinkles and fine lines on their face. Sadly, despite its heavy followership, many people do not fully understand what exactly Botox is.

This article will give you a beginner-friendly guide to Botox. We’ll explain what the cosmetic procedure entails and some interesting reasons why people swear by it.

Even if you’ve sworn off Botox, you can read on to the end for a surgical and needle-free way to get firmer and younger skin.

What is Botox?

Put simply, Botox is a medical treatment which uses Botulinum Toxin to temporarily paralyze the muscles which cause wrinkles. This substance is produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. The substance enters the body through intravenous means (eg. Injections).

Contrary to the popular notion that Botox “removes” wrinkles, the medical procedure only stops you from making the expressions that cause wrinkles temporarily. This means that your fine lines and wrinkles do not disappear – in fact, it just means that you won’t be able to aggravate them for a temporary period of time!

Why the Obsession with Botox?

Besides “helping” you look younger by preventing you from making the facial expressions that cause wrinkles, Botox has several other skincare and health benefits. Sadly, these are not well-known in comparison to its age-defying properties. Hence, read on to find out how else Botox can help you!

1. Botox Stops You from Perspiring

Sweaty palms and body odour?

No worries, because Botox could address those issues!

This might be new to you – but Botox could be used to block a neurotransmitter in your body which causes your body to sweat. In other words, Botox acts as a “messenger” to tell your sweat glands not to perspire.

People who deal with body odour and sweaty palms could try getting Botox to eliminate the bodily perspiration which causes stink. Typically, you could choose to get Botox on your scalp or armpits to reduce your bodily perspiration.

2. Botox Can be Used to Relieve Bodily Pain

People struggling with chronic pain can rejoice because this medical treatment can be used to treat chronic back pain, headaches and other bodily pain.

Like stopping your sweat glands from producing perspiration, Botox intercepts the signals from the nerves to the muscles. It halts the signal sent from the hurt parts of your body to your brain. Thus, your brain will not “register” the discomfort and you will not feel any pain at all.

In this case, Botox is normally injected in the problematic areas of your body.

An Alternative for Firmer and Younger Skin

If needles freak you out and you’ve totally sworn off Botox, all hope is not lost when you use ReFa EXPRESSION PLATINUM SERUM.

Luckily for you, this serum is an excellent addition to your daily skincare routine. The high concentration beauty serum contains Stoechiol, Platinum Nano Colloid and Himalayan raspberry to firm and tighten the skin whilst preserving one’s natural beauty. It is extremely gentle but effective at defying age and retaining your skin’s natural glow. Suitable for daily use and effective on even the most tired skin, this face serum is a must-have to preserve your natural glow and smooth complexion.