The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Special Ones in Your Life

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so you should start shopping for Christmas gifts before it’s too late.

Luckily for you, there is no need to start frantically Googling for great Christmas gifts for your loved ones when you can use our gift guide. We have compiled a list of the best gifts to thank the amazing person in your life for being such strong pillars of support. Each gift showcases your sincerity and utmost respect for the recipient. It also reminds them of the joys and blessings in friendship and family.

Tis’ the season of giving – so start browsing our gift guide now!


Gift Your Best Friend


Using a deep kneading motion that lifts the skin and gives its user the ultimate revitalizing massage, the ReFa CARAT RAY is the greatest present you can gift to your BFF (best friend forever) this Christmas. It was designed to fit snuggly in your hand and replicate a “kneading” motion on your face using futuristic double drainage rollers. This device was developed to tighten the skin using large amounts of mild microcurrent. Furthermore, the ReFa CARAT RAY is coated with 100% platinum coating for sensitive and delicate skin.

Help your BFF unveil beautiful and healthy skin using the ReFa CARAT RAY!


Gift Your Sister


Whether you are the older or younger of the two, this device makes an excellent gift for your sister. Put simply, ReFa CLEAR is a cleansing device built with a KUMANOFUDE brush which deeply cleanses the skin. It combines Japanese traditional craftsmanship as well as the latest skincare technologies known to man today to remove impurities and grime which have been deeply embedded in the skin. It uses a state-of-the-art 3D sonic ion technology to reach deep in the skin to areas that are inaccessible by hand to effectively cleanse and exfoliate impurities. A handy tool to have, gift the ReFa CLEAR to your sister and let her discover a new way to get flawless skin.


Gift Your Mom


This luxurious and futuristic beauty roller is coated with pure platinum and decorated with refined crystals to thank Mom for all the effort she has put in to making the holiday season a warm and inviting one. Designed specially to evoke a sense of elegance and lavishness, the ReFa CRYSTAL CARAT FACE uses a mild microcurrent to glide gently for tighter and more lifted skin. With excellent double drainage rollers, the roller has a tightening but soothing impact on the face. Remind your mother of your deep love and appreciation this festive period!


Gift Your Older Relative


With its unique release lift, the ReFa CAXA Ray uses ReFa’s signature scooping and kneading action based on Release Lift technology to enhance the “lifting” effect of the beauty roller. It helps users with mature skin obtain clearer contours and tighter skin. The device aims to address saggy and tired skin by lifting the skin and bringing more energy to your face.

A perfect gift for older relatives with tired skin, gift them the ReFa CAXA RAY and encourage them to treat themselves to revitalizing massage in the comfort of their own home!