How To Use a Face Roller to Get The Most Out Of Your Skin Care?

Are you new to face rollers? With over 79,000 tags attributed just to #faceroller on Instagram, you probably have a feed full of influencers flaunting this skincare tool.

Face rollers are not a new phenomenon, in fact, they’ve been used in China for centuries and come with a whole host of benefits. From removing toxins and decreasing dark circles to even helping with breakouts, the advantages of using a face massager are far too many to ignore.

But do face rollers truly make worthy additions to your already teeming, skincare wardrobe?

Read on to find out how a face roller can help your complexion and the right way to use one.

Not only will you get all the goodness of a face massage, but your skincare will also be pushed to perform – so much better!

Face Rollers and Types

From jade rollers, rose quartz, crystal and even platinum-coated ones, there’s a wide range of face massage tools that you can buy these days. Face massage tools such as rollers are primarily meant to loosen up your facial muscles, aid in blood circulation and depuff any under-eye bags.

You will also find that most rollers are made in stone or metal as these are naturally cooling elements that help with overall inflammation. Some even come with micro-currents to improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

Benefits of using a Face Roller

Facial rollers come with a long list of potential skin and health benefits including the following:

Lymphatic drainage

One of the biggest advantages of using a facial roller is its ability to help the lymphatic system move into detox mode. Massaging the face and neck can prompt lymph nodes to drain fluid and toxins from the face leaving it glowing, and less puffy.


Are the festivities and late nights taking a toll on your skin? Facial rollers are great tools to combat puffiness and inflammation on the face resulting from excess alcohol, a heavy diet, allergies, or even your hormonal cycle. Using a face roller can effectively address fluid retention that is usually the cause for this puffiness. 

Brighten the skin

De-puffing and removing toxin build-up encourage better circulation of blood to your face. The result? A brighter, more-awake complexion that is radiant, firmer and comes with that visible glow!


Many swear by the instant lifting and contouring effect that face rollers provide. Although temporary, you can extend the benefits by making facial rolling a part of your daily skincare regimen. As you roll against gravity, your muscles are retrained and can slowly, but surely, bring in that subtle lifting effect. 

Makes your skincare perform better

Have you noticed how influencers use face rollers on top of sheet masks? Face rollers help distribute your skincare better and can aid in further, deeper absorption, so your skin reaps all the benefits of those powerful ingredients.

Self-care meets skincare

With self-care reigning high there’s no wonder that facial rolling became a trend during lockdown, all over the world. Aside from the wide range of skin benefits, massaging your face can be relaxing especially after a long day of work. Stress comes with high cortisol levels that can attribute to puffiness and bloating too. Applying a lymphatic massage via your facial roller can help lower these levels and give that sense of absolute zen.


The Right Way to Use a Face Roller

Could you be using your facial roller the wrong way? Although face rollers are made for easy use, some steps can help get the most out of your massage tool.

Choose well

When it comes to buying the right face roller, make sure you choose well. And while there are plenty of cheap options available in the market, we recommend buying a good quality, premium material product that can provide multiple skin and health benefits. Think of it as an investment for your skin – like a mini facial at home!

Are you a newbie when it comes to face rollers? If you are looking to buy your first roller or need to enhance your growing beauty device collection, take a look at ReFa Carat Ray Face. A platinum-coated, multi-angular facial roller that is designed to help tighten and tone, it delivers less puffy skin with an overall more contoured appearance. It also contains a solar panel embedded in the handle that generates powerful and soothing micro-currents to enhance your skin’s radiance and suppleness.

Cleanse and prep

Always start on a clean slate. Cleanse your face well, and ensure any makeup or debris is removed before you introduce a face roller. We also recommend applying the rest of your skincare like a serum and facial moisturiser and massaging it in for better absorption.

For skincare that is specially designed to work with face rollers, try the ReFa Face-Up Cream, which blends ReFa ECT, an exclusively developed three-layered structure to further improve the effects of a beauty device. Containing anti-ageing Nahlsgen and DermCom, the double action of rolling and its power ingredients will leave your skin looking supple, taut, and hydrated from the inside.


Direction matters

Remember how gravity affects your face? Never drag the roller down, instead work along your jawline to ears, pushing upwards in a gentle manner. Roll up in front of your ear, and even under your eyes to help with puffiness and eye bags.

Don't forget your neck

A facial roller is meant to work on your neck, collarbone and decolletage area too. Start with your collarbone and firmly (but gently) roll to the edge. For your neck, move slowly along the neckline, front and back. This technique can also provide a stress-relieving massage to relax and rejuvenate while improving overall blood circulation.

Clean your roller

Just like your skin, your face roller also needs to be cleaned after each use. Simply follow the instructions on your device and make sure to apply to the skin only after a thorough cleansing.

Want to buy a face roller and gain all the benefits of a face massage at home? Take a look at the extensive range of effective, and premium beauty devices by ReFa. ​​From high-tech face rollers and beauty gadgets to luxe skincare products and supplements, ReFa gives you all you need to cultivate your beauty from the inside out.