How to Choose Skincare for Your Skin Type

The first step to having clear, youthful skin is determining your skin type. Are you confused as to which category you fall into, may it be combination, dry, normal or oily? Don't worry because you’re definitely not alone!

Most of us are misdiagnosed. As a result, we wind up with the wrong skincare regimen and products. Taking care of skin improperly can aggravate it, leading to acne or making you look ten years older than you actually are.

We know this is not something you want. You might even be freaking out right now. Fortunately, we have devised a cheat sheet that you can use to determine your skin type.


Dry and Sensitive 

Those with dry and sensitive skin flush easily. They often have eczema or red patches. If you have this particular skin type, then you’ve noticed your skin feels rough most of the time and it’s tight and dry by nighttime. You've also noticed that your skin dries out just an hour after you've applied a good moisturizer. Also, cosmetics and sunscreen often cause redness and they sting.



Your face looks and feels moist and shiny, most especially at midday which is when oil peaks. You often have clogged pores with a type of skin that’s prone to non-inflammatory acne (whiteheads and blackheads) and inflammatory acne (cystic zits and pimples).



Your nose, chin, and forehead are oily. They constantly break out and your eye area, temples, and cheeks are dry. Your skin type is a combination of oily and dry/sensitive if your skin tends to change according to the season or climate. At times it’s completely oily while there are times when it’s sandpaper dry.



You notice that your skin looks radiant and feels soft because it can reflect light evenly. If you fall into this specific category, then your complexion is not too dry nor too oily, which means it’s balanced. It’s rare for you to have breakouts as well. There are no changes happening to your skin throughout an entire day. You can also try out as many products and you still won’t have any reaction.


The Best Skincare Regimen 

Regardless of whether you are plagued with pigment or have a dull complexion, you need to make sure you wash your face at the end of every day to allow the skin to breathe. Apart from that, you need a sheet mask that celebrities and dermatologists swear by for its pore shrinking, wrinkle-reducing, hydrating, and brightening capabilities: ReFa EXPRESSION HIGH TENSION MASK.

Perfect for all skin types, it is a high-tension mask with three layers of sheets to ensure your skin illuminates with the right amount of elasticity. The haberlea rhodopensis leaf extract tightens sagging, fights environmental pollution, and hydrates skin.

It also contains oligopeptide-24 to increase collagen production.

The best part?

It’s a double hook mask to fit tightly around your face to your neck preventing sagging from your neck area to your facial area! If you’re serious about getting a beautiful and glowing skin, then this is something you shouldn’t miss out on.