How to Banish Eye Bags and Circles

With the right beauty routine, it's completely possible to improve those dark bags under your eyes.

Eye bags and eye circles are a common beauty complaint. We all get those dull, tired spaces under our eyes when fatigue and stress catch up. The science behind why we get these unsightly eye bags is more complicated than this.

Eye bags may be harmless, but can we do anything to prevent them? Yes, we can. Below, we outline the science behind this beauty complaint and products which will help minimise dark circles.

Why We Get Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Main reasons causing dark circles:

  1. Age
  2. Poor diet
  3. Poor skincare regimes
  4. Water retention

What do these mean?


As we age, our skin undergoes inevitable change. The skin around our eyes thins down as we lose fat and collagen, which can make the area under our eyes seem hollow and darker. Changes in fat placement in women over 40 also causes 'puffiness'.


Poor Diet

Too little water and too much sugar can cause dehydration, which in turn dries out your skin. This makes it appear lacklustre and dull, especially in younger people. Smoking and alcohol also damage your skin.


Poor Skincare Regimes

From a lack of quality sleep to forgetting to cleanse and tone your face, we're all guilty of slacking off on our skincare routine sometimes. However, this is a key reason why you're experiencing fatigued skin, particularly under 30.


Water Retention

Like bloating on other parts of our body, excessive salt and fluid retention can cause under eye puffiness and skin dullness.


Solutions to Try

Thankfully, there are solutions to improve radiance, skin health and circulation. Here are some suggestions.


Facial Fitness Tools

Handy, pretty little tools such as the ReFa S Carat RAY  and ReFa CARAT RAY FACE stimulate slackened facial muscles to recondition and strengthen them - much like what happens during a workout!



Eye Cream

Creams moisturise the skin under eyes and replenish nutrients. Products such as the ReFa EYE VEIL CREAM also improve circulation around the area, helping keep those eye bags under control.


Improve Diet and Sleep Patterns

Simple tricks work, too. Get at least eight hours of sleep a night, and drink more water. This helps your skin stay fresh, bright and beautiful. Beauty sleep really is a thing!



Ready to diminish those eye bags and dark circles for good? Browse our exciting range of products today!