Here’s Why You Need to Fight Ageing RIGHT NOW and 3 Surprising Causes of Premature Ageing

Even if you are only in your early 20s, it’s never too early to start fighting pre-mature ageing. After all, prevention is definitely better than cure. Especially in this case because nobody, and we mean nobody, wants wrinkles at 30.

Still not convinced? Read on as we uncover the importance of starting early.


Why You Need to Start Early

Why You Need to Start Early

Generally, ageing has been understood as an inevitable part of life. However, there is more to ageing than just getting old. Here is one reason why you need to start incorporating anti-ageing products in your skincare routine now.


Prevent Premature Ageing in Your 30s

At 30, your skin renewal process starts to slow down, and your body begins to produce less collagen – this causes your skin to lose its bounce and glow. Your skin could look duller and unhealthier. Moreover, the reduction in collagen production could also cause you to develop wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin. In worst cases, some people might even experience more skin irritation in their 30s which may lead to flakiness and inflammation.

All in all, while ageing is a natural and unavoidable part of life. Preventive measures should be taken to ensure that you retain a natural youthful glow even at an older age. In doing so, you could get brighter, smoother and softer skin.


3 Astonishing Causes of Ageing

Astonishing Causes of Ageing

Starting your war against ageing goes beyond acquiring anti-ageing skincare products. It starts from your lifestyle – as common everyday things we do daily could speed up the ageing process. Here are 3 of the most common but surprising everyday factors that can leading to ageing.



1. Touching Your Face Too Often

Scratching your face, resting your chin on your elbow and rubbing your eyes might seem like harmless everyday habits that most people do – but believe it or not these small actions can tug on your skin and cause it to sag. This bad habit could also lead to breakouts and the development of blackheads without good hygiene. It could cause bacteria build-up. In addition, tugging on your skin and touching your face too often could cause your skin to sag and give you the illusion of a rounder face with loose skin.


2. Sleeping on Your Face

If you are the kind of person who detests sleeping on your back, you might want to rethink your nightly sleep position. When you sleep on your side or on your belly with your face against the pillow, you are actually disrupting blood circulation which could cause your skin to sag and develop fine lines. Furthermore, unless you are sleeping on satin sheets, cotton pillowcases are rough and harsh on the skin. They could cause inflammation and irritation for people with dry and sensitive skin.

Moreover, unless you change your pillow case regularly, it could actually be a breeding ground for bacteria!


3. Over-exfoliation

You might think that exfoliating everyday with maximum pressure is helping in your efforts to remove sebum and blackheads – but over-exfoliation actually strips your skin of its natural oils that keep it supple, hydrated and youthful. In fact, exfoliating too much could also cause your skin to get dry and lose its natural glow.