Easy Eye Exercises and Massages You can do at Home for Brighter and Fresher Eyes

No one likes puffy eyes.

Dark undereye circles (also known as Panda Eyes), wrinkles, eye bags and bloodshot eyes easily make you look years older. They also give off the impression that you are exhausted and grumpy.

Even though there are numerous preventive measures to combat puffy eyes and eye bags, people typically turn to eye products, facials and even surgeries. However, did you know that you could actually combat ageing with do-it-yourself eye exercises and massages?

Adding eye exercises and massages to your daily skincare routine could reap wondrous benefits for your skin. Doing effective eye exercises and massages daily could relax your mind after a long day. Best of all, they could make you look younger, less tired, and more awake in the long term.

We’ve chosen 5 of the most effective but effortless exercises and massage techniques you can do regularly.


Eye Exercises

Easy eye exercises

These exercises are like Eye Yoga. But don’t worry, you won’t require any gym equipment for these eye exercises!


Slow eye rolling

Do you roll your eyes a lot? Surprise – because rolling your eyes could improve your eye health.

Simply roll your eyes in a clockwise direction very slowly before blinking to relax your eyes. Try to imagine drawing a circle with your eyes. Repeat this sequence 2 to 3 times. Be sure to do this exercise as slowly as possible to avoid overstressing your eyes.


‘Draw’ the number 8 with your Eyes

Try closing your eyes and moving them in the shape of the number 8. Try to do this 7-8 times before opening your eyes and blinking several times.

This particular exercise might take a bit more concentration than the first, so don’t get frustrated if it feels awkward. Keep practicing!


Shift Your Gaze

This exercise could be done while you are out for a stroll or on the move. Simply concentrate on a nearby object and slowly shift your gaze to another object at a distance for a few seconds each. For instance, try shifting your gaze from a pothole on the road to the right tip of a big building without blinking. Repeat this sequence at least twice.

This exercise strengthens the blood circulation around your eyes and supports weak eye muscles.


Eye Massage Techniques

Eye Massage Techniques

Eye massages are the perfect way to end your skincare routine. They also have a de-stressing effect that will put in you in the ultimate relaxation mood.


Panda Eyes be Gone!

Panda eyes are usually a sign of poor blood circulation and exhaustion. Healthline has compiled a short 30-second eye massage to get rid of those pesky dark undereye circles. Be sure to use minimal pressure with your ring and middle fingers to avoid tugging the skin around your eyes – as this could cause saggy skin too!

Simply tap the areas under your eyes and make your way to your brow bone and your nose bridge in a circular motion. Repeat this sequence 2-3 times.


Palm your Eyes

If you’re feeling really drained and tired, this simple technique can instantly soothe the optic nerves. According to the Yoga Journal, this technique was invested by Tibetan Yogis as a way to maintain eye health and also freshen up during the day. Do this whenever you feel tired to avoid looking sleep deprived.

Simply rub your hands together to warm them and cup your eyes for 5-10 seconds.

Read more about the health benefits of palming on the Yoga Journal.