Don’t be Fooled by Counterfeits! Here are 3 Ways to Detect Fake ReFa Beauty Rollers


These days, fake products are everywhere. Knockoff products may help you save a buck or two, but they could also be harmful to your skin and incur greater costs.

You can buy inauthentic designer goods and skincare tools in both black markets and broad daylight. It’s easy to get scammed by retailers of inauthentic products, as some products are so meticulously and carefully replicated that you will not be able to tell the difference until days or even weeks of usage.

Sadly, ReFa Beauty Rollers are also victims of counterfeit. In 2014, our team uncover a handful of fake ReFa CARAT in the market. Almost a 100% replica of our authentic ReFa CARAT, the fake beauty roller easily pass off as a genuine good from ReFa!

Since 2014, ReFa has taken extensive measures to warn our customers about counterfeits.

Detecting fake ReFa Beauty Rollers can be tricky, especially when they are packaged. However, our team at ReFa has compiled a list of ways you can test for counterfeit. Play your part by learning about counterfeit products and how to detect them. Read on for 3 ways on how you can spot a fake beauty roller and ensure you get the quality you paid for.


Put Your Beauty Roller Over Heat

This might sound scary and dangerous, but it is the easiest way to test if your roller is genuine. For ReFa Beauty Rollers are coated 100% pure and high-quality platinum, they will not discolour or melt under height. In fact, they should be able to withstand high temperatures without any implications. Impure rollers, on the other hand, could discolour or melt under extremely high heat.

If your beauty roller starts to discolour even over a small flame from a lighter, it is highly likely that the beauty roller is inauthentic. It is imperative that you ensure that your beauty rollers are coated with top-notched platinum from ReFa, as impure beauty rollers from other unauthorized dealers could result in allergic reactions or irritation.

While this is the most accurate and precise way of testing for authenticity, we also offer 2 straightforward but effective ways you can check for counterfeit products.


Examine Your Beauty Roller for Cracks or Flakes

This seems straightforward but some of the inauthentic beauty rollers we uncover in 2014 were actually falling apart and had cracks that allowed water to seep through. ReFa Beauty Rollers are all 100% waterproof. They are suitable to be used in the shower or bathtub.

Furthermore, a genuine ReFa Beauty Roller should have a smooth handle that fits snuggly in your hand. It should not have any awkward bumps or scratches.

Beauty Rollers that have cracks at the handle are definitely imitated. They are dangerous and could be fire hazards if exposed to water.

If you notice cracks on your beauty roller or flaky coating, it’s highly likely that you may have an imitation beauty roller on your hands.


Check for a Guarantee Card

Finally, an authentic beauty roller should also come with a guarantee card in the product box. The guarantee card should also have a hologram printed on the back and it should be noticeable when you tip the card at an angle.

Make sure the product packaging of your beauty roller contains the guarantee card. Otherwise, it’s most likely fake!