Did You Use A Filter On That Last Selca – Or Have You Been Using A Face Roller?

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Face rollers have been around for ages and quickly gained popularity. Should you be adding this tool to your beauty routine? We think so. And here’s why. 

Facing The Facts:

Not all face rollers are created equal. And not all “facts” about their advantages actually pans out. We’ve narrowed it down to the two most significant myths regarding them.

Some people opt for rollers made of particular crystals or semi-precious stones such as jade or rose quartz, believing that these gems have healing properties. Some swear that rollers have alleviated their illnesses. However, there is no hard evidence that face rollers (as well as crystals) can cure medical conditions. 

Similarly, there continues to be no definitive study to prove that the use of rollers physically slims one’s jawline. Proper use can remove swelling (more on that later) in certain areas of the face temporarily, but as to trimming off centimetres permanently? Sorry, there’s just no evidence to support this just yet. 

The Beauty Benefits:

A face roller is not a mystical wand that will magically restore your skin to perfect health. But there are benefits to using them regularly if done properly and augmented by a regular skincare routine, plus a healthy diet and lifestyle. Let’s look at our five favourites: 

1. It is relaxing

    No one enjoys being stressed. Studies have connected facial massages with improved mood, including reduced anxiety and stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Want a little happy boost? Grab your favourite roller and treat yourself to some “me time” before bed. Or start the morning with a massage and face the day with a great disposition (and glowing skin).

    2. It reduces puffiness

    Regular use of rollers can bring down puffiness, especially around the eye area. A gentle rolling motion disperses possible liquid build-up and can help to bring down temporary swelling. A roller with smaller points is more ideal for undereye use. Roll from the inner portion of the undereye, then outward towards the outer corner, never bearing down with too much pressure as our skin is particularly thin in that area. 

    Roller on eyes

    3. Detoxification

    As mentioned before, massaging your face regularly with a face roller can reduce puffiness and aid in the detoxification process. Toxins are released and removed along with excess fluid when the build-up around a lymph node becomes unblocked.

    Our bodies have several lymph nodes, with some located in areas of our neck and face. A healthy lymphatic system helps our bodies rid themselves of toxins while aiding white blood cells to circulate in our bloodstreams. Blocks in our lymph nodes are caused by fluid buildup. And while long-term medical benefits are still being observed, traditional medicine has long believed in the benefits of using massage techniques to drain the lymphatic system. 

    Using a roller is another form of facial massage as moving fluid towards the lymph nodes will stimulate the lymphatic system and begin the ‘draining’ process.

    When using your roller over these areas, gauge how much pressure you can manage, always being comfortable and never in pain. The lymph nodes in your face are located near the bottom lobes of your ears. It is recommended to use upward motions to move from jaw to ear and follow the same path several times before moving to the other side.

    4. Improves blood circulation

    Improved blood circulation in your face and neck is directly connected to reduced puffiness and detoxification, which leads to the appearance of tighter/firmer skin. We’ve previously given tips on how to improve your skin’s blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation also carries oxygen to skin cells. Add a few minutes every day with your favourite roller to your daily skin-brightening regimen. 

    ReFa Blood Circulation

    Image credit: @refa_ua

    Remember to use your rollers gently, avoiding any pulling or tugging motions against your skin. It is best to follow the natural shape of your face and move the roller to and fro, using slightly more pressure when rolling upwards, and less when rolling downwards. 

    For example, move from the tip of your chin upwards along your left jawline towards your cheek. Repeat the same movement five to ten times before moving to the other side. We also suggest sticking to platinum-coated options instead. They tend to be easier to clean and are less likely to chip or crack over time than their stone and plastic counterparts.

    5. Hands-free method to apply skincare products

    One of the most practical benefits of using a face roller is less mess when it comes to your nightly skin routine. At ReFa, we suggest using your roller to drain off toxins before applying skincare products so your skin can absorb the ingredients better. However, we recommend applying a thin layer of moisturiser before rolling for better glide if you have dry skin.

    After rolling, follow with your serum or moisturiser to complete your routine. Remember not to apply your serums or creams before rolling. Some skincare products contain alcohol that may tarnish the rollers. After using your roller, wash it under running water without soap. Alternatively, you can use wet wipes that don't contain alcohol to clean it after each use.

    A well-made roller that fits in with your needs will be a welcome addition to your beauty arsenal. Browse our extensive collection to find one - or two - that works best for you. Are you a face roller novice? Give our ReFa Face Lifting Set a go to reduce puffiness, feel rejuvenated and see a firmer, more contoured appearance.

    Happy rolling!