A Happy Scalp For Healthier Hair!

It’s tough to find someone who hasn’t struggled with scalp issues at some point in their life.

Whether it’s long, short, straight, curly, natural or treated, everyone wants their hair always to look its best. We don’t need studies to know that when we look good, we also feel good. And hair plays a significant role in that.

So what does it take to get your crowning glory to be shiny and lush? Let’s break things down.

Hair 101:  

Hair is made of a protein called “keratin”, and each strand is anchored into the skin. Minute blood vessels at the base feed the roots, so the strands grow. However, once the cells that make up your hair breach the surface, these cells are technically “dead.” But just because they are no longer live cells doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to keep these strands healthy.

How do you know if you’ve got good hair? Look for these signs:

  • Shiny hair (without the use of products) is a sign of a smooth cuticle, which is the outermost layer of each strand. When the cuticle lies flat, it reflects more light, giving hair that glow. Shiny hair could also indicate that the natural oils your scalp produces are evenly spread throughout the strand.
  • Less tangling! A smooth cuticle also means it’s easier to comb or brush through your hair without the hassle of knots.
  • On average, we lose about 125 hair strands a day as follicles grow and mature, so don’t panic if you find some in your brush or on your shower floor. This is natural. On the other hand, increased hair loss could be a sign of damage, stress, or even a severe health issue.
  • Does your hair “bounce back” when you gently tug at it? Does it hold hairstyles, especially curls, well? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then you’ve got excellent elasticity, which is another sign of healthy hair.
  • It continues to grow at a rate of about a quarter of an inch per month. And while no one actually keeps track of length monthly, it will be pretty easy to see if your hair doesn’t seem to be getting any longer after a few months of casual monitoring.

The Root of It All

Ideally, your scalp should have translucent skin and be slightly soft to the touch. It is often characterised by the lack of these factors: constant itchiness, flaking, excessive oil/dryness, acne, cysts, and tightness. 

These issues are often caused by exposure to the elements, urban pollution, blockages in the follicles’ roots due to dandruff, dead skin, natural oil build-up, and an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. Sometimes the source of the problem is simply the wrong hair product!

Many people tend to focus on the follicles but neglect where these follicles come from - the scalp. Think of hair as crops in a garden and your scalp as the “soil” where they are planted. Without a healthy base, there can be no healthy harvest, so to speak.

De-stress Your Tresses

The bottom line is a happy scalp = healthy hair.

And healthy hair makes for a happier you. Give your head - and yourself -  a little extra love by switching to a showerhead that helps you maximise your shower time with added benefits. Pamper yourself while ensuring that your hair feels terrific from the roots to tips with the ReFa Fine Bubble S.

Through an innovation in Japanese technology, this showerhead produces two kinds of bubbles (ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles) which are significantly smaller than your average ones. 

Due to their size, the two types of bubbles are gentler and can cleanse with less stress to your skin. But don’t let the silky smooth feeling fool you. As these tiny bubbles make contact with your scalp, they adhere to dirt and debris through hydrophobic interaction.

While this all sounds fancy, all it means is that hydrophobic dirt particles attach themselves to the surface of each bubble. These bubbles then absorb the particles, which are then lifted up and away. This double cleansing action unclogs pores, creating a healthier environment for your hair follicles to grow in and helps you prevent the dreaded issue of residue build-up.

The ReFa Fine Bubble S comes with four different spray patterns (mist, rain, jet and powerful rain) that you can adjust to suit your needs for the day. It is the perfect showerhead for efficient cleansing of the scalp surface and getting in between hair strands. Consider it a spa-like experience right in your own shower.

Armed with this information, we hope we’ve put you on a path to a healthy scalp and vibrant hair. Hip hip hair-yay!