5 Reasons Why ReFa CLEAR is The Smartest Cleansing Device Today


Cleansing can be a chore for some, especially when you have a ton of makeup on. Luckily for you, ReFa offers a smart way to cleanse your skin thoroughly to ensure you get all the junk out – the ReFa CLEAR.

ReFa CLEAR is a cleansing device that has revolutionize the way people cleanse daily. It has been reviewed by numerous print publications in Singapore including Her World Singapore, Shape, Daily Vanity, and Buro 24/7.

As the world’s first 3D Sonic Ion technology, ReFa CLEAR offers a cleansing experience unlike any other. Developed from years of intense research and development, this device is an excellent addition to your daily beauty regime. It refreshes your face and removes every trace of dirt and grime using soft brushes, gentle 3D sonic motion and ion cleansing to ensure the dirt stays off.

But what makes the ReFa CLEAR stand out amongst all the other cleansing devices on the market? Here are 5 reasons why ReFa CLEAR triumphs above the massive multitude of cleansing products known to man.


1. It is Built Upon Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship

Since the middle ages, Japan has always been at the forefront of technological revolutions in Asia. By the late 20th century, Japan had emerged as one of the top regions for research and development in the world. Today, ReFa makes full use of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the latest technologies by using a combination of long-established traditions in Japanese beauty and the most up-to-date developments in skincare technology to develop ReFa CLEAR.

Handmade by meticulous and highly-skilled craftsmen, the Japanese-style brushes of ReFa CLEAR are gentle but effective on the skin. Able to remove even the smallest amounts of grime, the brushes are excellent for all skin types.


2. ReFa CLEAR Uses 3D Sonic Ion Technology

We mentioned earlier that ReFa CLEAR represents the world’s first 3D Sonic Ion Technology, but what exactly does 3D Sonic Ion Technology mean?

Plainly put, it is an effective and powerful technology that is still gentle and suitable for any skin type. The negatively charged cleansing device repels negatively charged impurities to the surface of our skin to cleanse without causing inflammation or irritation of any nature. Furthermore, it penetrates deep beyond the outer layer of the epidermis and targets the horny layer of the skin to thoroughly remove dirt and grime that have been embedded in your pores.

The 3D sonic motion encompasses a three-dimensionally elliptical motion that beats regular hand washing. The brushes oscillate horizontally and vertically to thoroughly rid the skin of grime.

ReFa CLEAR’s 3D Sonic Ion Technology is the best and smartest way for anyone to get squeaky clean skin.


3. ReFa CLEAR Cordless and Waterproof

Unlike other beauty rollers that require electric power, ReFa CLEAR is chargeable and can be used anywhere. Fret not about having to find a power chord when you use ReFa CLEAR. You can even bring it with you when you travel.

Furthermore, ReFa CLEAR is completely waterproof. Use it in the bathroom, in the shower, or wherever you please!


4. Use ReFa CLEAR for Long-Lasting Clear Skin

In addition, the ion cleansing technique of ReFa CLEAR unclogs pores. It goes further to ensure the pores remain unclogged using ions. In the long run, ReFa CLEAR can get you long-lasting clear skin.


5. The Device Requires Minimal Effort on Your Part

All you have to do to make full use of the ReFa CLEAR is to move it around your face. No need to apply pressure or force of any kind as the 3D Sonic Ion Technology and brushes will scrub out the dirt and grime from your face.

Easy-to-use, powerful, and technologically advanced, ReFa CLEAR trumps above all other cleansing devices in the skincare industry.