4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore your Neck in your Skincare Regime

It is not just your face which needs some pampering, your neck could use some daily tender loving care as well.

Believe it or not – caring for your neck could reap plenty of health and skincare benefits. However, it is prudent to start caring for your neck early before signs of age start to show.

If you are still not convinced, then this article will blow your mind. In this short write-up, we will explain the grave importance of neck care and how it can help alleviate other common issues like ageing and body pain.

Read on to find out how caring for your neck can give you a younger face and pain relief below. You can thank us later.

 1. Massage Your neck to Reduce Risks of Chronic Pain

Did you know that tensed necks could be the root cause of your headaches?

Massaging and stretching your neck regularly could help you freshen up as well as alleviate chronic headaches and neck pains. Start caring for your neck with regular face and neck massages. This way, you can improve blood circulation and get rid of the knots and fatigue in your neck that may be causing headaches.


2. Care for Your Neck to Slow down Ageing Process

Unfortunately, the neck is one of the first areas which shows signs of ageing. This is because we tend to pay more attention to our face. Resultantly, most people tend to get the Turkey Neck – saggy skin and bulging veins.

A firm neck can make you look years younger and give the illusion of tighter and healthier skin. If you want to preserve your skin’s youth, don’t ignore the neck! Instead, make neck care part of your daily skincare routine. Give it ample love and care so that your skin will become firmer and brighter.

 3.Relieve Upper Back Pain by Massaging your Neck Regularly

Poor head posture resulting in tensed necks could cause tightness in the upper back. This kind of pain is common amongst deskbound workers and gamers.

Unfortunately, simply correcting your posture might not completely eradicate the knots in your upper back and shoulders. Instead, do simple neck stretches and head rotations to loosen the tension in your neck and upper back. Also, try massaging your neck daily to get rid of tension and boost blood circulation.

 4.Sculpt a Slimmer Face and Neck

If you’ve always wanted that V-shaped face like K-Pop Idol Kim Hyun-Ah (Hyuna) or Japanese Model Yano Shiho, caring for your neck might be the trick.

Saggy skin at the neck could give the appearance of loose and aged skin. Furthermore, it could also give the illusion of a round face and flat chin because your jawline is not well-defined.

Start caring for your neck early to reduce signs of ageing and alleviate pain and fatigue!


How you can care for your Neck

If you have no idea how you should weave neck care into your daily skincare routine, we have some tools which massage, boost collagen, and also promotes suppleness and elasticity.

ReFa EXPRESSION HIGH TENSION MASK is a 2-in-1 sheet mask for the face and neck. Touting over 10 million units of products sold since 2009, ReFa is a leader in the field of anti-aging so we guarantee this mask will unlock younger and brighter skin! It actively firms loose skin and boosts the skin’s natural production of collagen for suppler and firmer skin.

You could pair this amazing mask with our extremely lightweight massage tools like the ReFa O STYLE (shown in picture above), ReFa I STYLE beauty rollers for a refreshing treat you can do in the comfort of your own home or on-the-go!