3 Key Reasons Why You need to Exfoliate and Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Cleansing and exfoliating should be done on a regular basis to improve the smoothness and natural radiance of your skin. They are key elements in a basic skincare routine that could help you thoroughly get rid of grime, dirt and residual makeup for a squeaky-clean face. In doing so, your skin could also absorb your skincare products like toner, moisturizer, and essence more thoroughly.

However, the frequency of cleansing and exfoliation differs. On one hand, cleansing should be done daily. Exfoliation, on the other hand, should be done not more than 3 times a week – lest inflammation and skin irritation over time!

Not convinced? Here are 3 key reasons why you ought to cleanse and exfoliate regularly.

Combats Breakouts

Breakouts are often a result of clogged pores, residual makeup, and poor skincare. Pesky pimples are annoying and take forever to subside.

When you cleanse regularly, you remove excess sebum and dirt that had accumulated on your face during the day. By exfoliating, you can go further by exfoliating – as the process removes grime and oil in clogged pores that can lead to pimples and blackheads.


Fights Ageing

Cleansing and exfoliating regularly could help you preserve your skin’s natural glow and youth. A combination of both could prevent premature aging.

By including a daily cleanse and exfoliation in your skincare, you are removing the dead skin cells on your epidermis which cause saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles. By eliminating the dead skin cells, you could unveil smoother and brighter skin. In the long run with a regular skincare regime, you could preserve your skin’s youthful glow.


Improves Skin Tone

Finally, you need to cleanse and exfoliate regularly to improve your skin tone. Accumulation of dead skin cells is a key cause of uneven skin tone and dull-looking skin. Without removing them, you could look really pale and unhealthy.

By cleansing and exfoliating regularly, you can remove the dead skin cells and even out your skin tone and get a brighter complexion.


New to Exfoliating and Cleansing? Here’s a Dynamic Duo of Products You Can Try

If you are too lazy to cleanse and exfoliate regularly, we have a solution for you.

In this section, we’ll introduce our dynamic duo – the ReFa CLEAR and ReFa CREAM WASH!


A Holy Grail of ReFa, ReFa CLEAR is a cleansing device that revolutionizes the way people cleanse. As the world’s first 3D Sonic Ion Technology, ReFa CLEAR cleanses the skin deeply and gently. It also removes dirt, grime, and excess sebum from even the most clogged of pores and ensures the pores stay unclogged and clean. Built upon years of research, ReFa CLEAR is an excellent device to get clean and supple skin after every wash. It is also an excellent tool for lazy people as it does all the cleaning work for you!


This cream wash removes dead skin cells with its fruit extract formulation. While it is effective in giving you clearer and brighter skin, the fine and rich foam is extremely gentle. 

Using small bubbles of 0.1mm, the CREAM WASH will cover every millimetre of the skin’s surface and give you fresh and smooth skin. It boosts your skin’s elasticity and ensures a brighter complexion.

Use the ReFa CLEAR and ReFa CREAM WASH for the ultimate cleansing experience.